Obverse cowl with bobbles


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Be daring in the details with Obverse cowl. Unisex in function, creative in design, with your added touch, let your personality shine. Beautiful off the needles as a two-colored FO or splurge on afterthoughts applying bobbles or I-cords for show.

Puddles ears covered a rarity

Q&A: Organic Cotton for Winter Hats

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On IG Thethoughtfulknitter asked “p.s. how do you find using cotton for cold weather hats? I lost my hat and going to knit one.” Thanks so much for your question! Since snow is once again in the forecast, I thought this an ideal topic for this week’s blog. Organic cotton (and cotton in general) is an excellent option for cold weather knits! As important as the fiber is, however, I’ve found that the needle size, pattern, and fit play a stronger role in whether or not the fiber will keep you cozy in the coldest climes. Needle Size: the smaller the needle size with the thicker the yarn, the warmer your FO will be! The thicker yarn creates a density …

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Zip As You Knit (TM)

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According to Solomon, “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and who’s to argue with that most wise of men? So accordingly TPTB created a “Flash of Genius” test for claiming a technique as such. The following is the story of my flash of genius that resulted in my Zip As You Knit (TM) technique. Years back I ran a test for a headband with color work. Due to the nature of cotton and the fact it doesn’t felt, I offered it as a work flat and seam design. One of the testers was substituting wool and asked if I minded if she worked in the round. Of course, I didn’t, but I was SO jealous! You all …

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Short Row Triangle How-To

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Pitch Cowl is full of fun geometric shapes! One of the triangles created in the cowl uses short rows. Since a few of my fellow indies commented on the uniqueness of the short row triangle, I thought a quick demo would be the best way to show how easy it is to create. Happy knitting!

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Oceanic MKAL on You Tube

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Did you know there are 2 You Tube how-to’s for this MKAL: “Oceanic MKAL Initial Cast On Demonstration” & “Oceanic MKAL”? I know it is daunting diving into directions without knowing what you are knitting, so I wanted to provide extra help if you need it. Without giving too much of the pattern away, the first video is a short how-to of the initial modified I-cord cast on directions. You can watch that video here. And please forgive me – in an effort to cover both right handed and left handed knitters, I demonstrated both. I wholeheartedly admit that my left handed knitting skills are still developing, but I didn’t want to leave you lefties high and dry! So lefties …

Erin showing off Solar Flare at TNNA 2015

Brand Ambassador

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Thank you so much for the love you’ve shown Puddles, the GDCSJ, and me as well as the enthusiasm you’ve shown for my designs! I know lots of you enjoy being part of the pre-release pattern production through test knitting. Today I am excited to share that I now have a modality for you to be involved post-release too! One of the small treasures on the FAQ page is “I want to be a Brand Ambassador” tab, but what does it mean? It simply means helping me overcome one of my biggest limitations of being homebound by being my knitters in the world. Knit your Knit Eco Chic patterns in public at your LYSs and other knit and chat groups …

Magical Knitting in Photoshop

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At then end of the 2 month post-flood apocalypse, I discovered I was even more behind schedule than I realized. I determined I MUST.KNIT.FASTER, but how does one actually accomplish this when stitching pace is set at snail slow? Through Photoshop, of course! The pattern was almost set for test knitting, but I needed an image to go with the pattern for testing. Since I was so close, but not there yet, I turned to Photoshop to “knit” the final sleeve. In just 2 hours I had a week’s worth of knitting done! Remeber, I did confess I knit at the pace of a snail. This is how I did it: Step 1 – I wrangled dad into take a …

Shawl Pin Shawl Style Guide

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With the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL coming to an end, it’s time for the final blog in the event series, the style blog. The versatility of the design results both from the unique shape as well as the simplicity of the stitch work. Intended as an artistic canvas to highlight your favorite shawl pin accessories, there are several ways to wear this design. Here are just a few of my favorites. Scarf Meets Pin Styles Wrapped around your neck like a scarf, the “Scarf Meets Pin” style highlights the pin while the shawl keeps your neck warm! Whether a long stick pin, like Bonnie Bishoff’s Dash pin, on an equilateral or perpendicular angle or a broche style pin, like JUL …